SESAME DUO T/W Folding cabinet

 Tables for sewing machines

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SESAME DUO T/W Folding cabinet

SESAME DUO in grey color provides functional space for storing a multifunction machine, overlock and sewing accessories.
We all know perfectly well that sewing needs space. It doesn’t matter if it’s your passion, work, or both. Are you sewing at home for yourself and your loved ones, or maybe a hobby has already turned into a way of life and you run your tailoring workshop.

SESAME DUO the perfect solution

But what to do when you do not have a lot of space, and you have to fit somewhere a sewing machine, overlock, and also threads, needles, chalk, rulers etc.

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The equipment of the SESAME DUO cabinet

The cabinet has a system for smooth lifting and lowering / hiding of the machine in the cabinet so that you can work comfortably.

After unfolding the SESAME DUO cabinet, a large space with worktops in the letter “L” with dimensions of 182.5 cm by 104 cm is created. In the left door of the cupboard you will find three roomy shelves . Thanks to this, you can store the accessories needed at work in a clever way. It is worth adding that the SESAME DUO cabinet also has special drawers: for accessories, for threads and a pull-out shelf for overlock. A drawer with wooden thread pins, will fit as many as 45 different types and colors of spools up to a height of 9 cm. The cabinet is on wheels , which allows you to move it freely.

From now on, you can have everything you need for sewing at hand. When you’re not using your sewing machine , you can hide everything with just a few moves and your space is tidy.

In the films we present the previous model of the cabinet, which had two drawers for accessories. The new version of SESAME DUO has one drawer for accessories, one drawer for threads and an extendable shelf for overlock.

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Technical specifications:

Color: teak and white color

Dimensions of the folded cabinet:

width: 110 cm

height: 75.5 cm

depth: 52.5 cm

After unfolding, we get a very large worktop : 182.5×104 cm.

Shelf dimensions with smooth lifting of the machine: 58×32 cm.

Maximum weight home machine used with a cabinet: 12 kg.

Overlock shelf height: 40 cm.

Thread drawer height: 9 cm.

The color of the cabinet is light and dark grey.

The cabinet is delivered fully on a pallet. The cabinet is sold without any additional accessories.

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